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Answer: YES! Students can download our app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store to stay connected with their kitchen. Our app lets students view the menu, provide feedback on meals, sign up for Late Plates, submit their food cravings, and fill out an allergy profile.

Answer: Our employees are our most valuable assets. That’s why our entire team of full-time professionally trained chefs and support staff are W-2d employees of Greek House Chefs. Not independent contractors. It not only offers you another layer of protection, but let’s them know how important they are to the company.

Answer:  Absolutely! Our comprehensive insurance binder fully covers all of our kitchens and employees (we even cover your entire house just in case). The liability and responsibility for our team members lies solely with us. We have a comprehensive insurance plan as well as Workman’s Compensation plan in the event that your chef is injured on the job.

Answer: Absolutely not! If you are not happy with your service, why would you want to continue? If our clients aren’t satisfied with their service, we are not either. We make every effort possible to fix any issues ASAP. Just call us, and we will make it right. Although we’ve never had anyone use it, our termination clause is there just in case. Each and every one of our contracts has a reasonable termination clause. We value each and every one of our clients, so we provide our Chefs and Management Team with the tools to fix any problems, right away.

Answer: We sure hope not! When you are signing a contract with any food service company there should be a clear and concise termination clause and they should never charge you to exit the contract. That’s just not good business, and quite frankly it’s probably just a scare tactic.

Answer: We’re seeing that preferred vendors are a growing trend, and unfortunately this is not benefiting the students. After all, the students are the ones paying and eating in the house. If you’re not happy with your Chapter’s “preferred vendor”, tell them! Then, contact us and we will reach out as well. Preferred does not mean the only option. 

Greek House Chefs services 109+ houses on 42 campuses nationwide and we’re always welcoming more chapters to our family. There’s a good chance we’re already on your campus, but if we’re not, we will be soon. For a list of our locations, check out our Locations page. We’re always open to coming to new campuses and we travel nationwide, so get a quote and let’s chat!

Answer: Yes, you can have Greek House Chefs! Although you utilize the service of a Management company to manage the day-to-day operations of your house, it is still your decision about what food service you would like to use. Your Management company is there to gather the information for you and present it to you, essentially do the leg-work for you. At the end of the day it is your Chapter’s decision about who you would like to hire to provide your house top-notch food service. Greek House Chefs would be happy to do business with you, your House Director, your board, your Nationals, or your Management company. Just reach out to them and tell them you want a quote from Greek House Chefs!

Answer: Of course! At Greek House Chefs we realize that sometimes dinner is the only time that your Chapter is able to come together and we want to make sure that you’re building those solid relationships over a good meal. Whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free, or can’t eat nuts, we want you to come to dinner no matter what! At the beginning of each semester, your chef will reach out and verify any allergies with the chapter so they can make any necessary accommodations. We also ask that you fill out the Allergy Profile in our App so we always know when you order a Late Plate that it needs to accommodate your allergy.

Answer: Yes. We understand that Fraternities and Sororities is a seasonal position based on Academic Calendars throughout the country. We understand the challenges that our beloved chefs face when trying to find summer employment. At Greek House Chefs, we’ve decided to offer our Chefs consistency and predictability by offering year-round pay to all of our employees. This includes academic and holiday breaks and any time off throughout the summer.

Answer: Yes! At Greek House Chefs, we value families and a positive work/life balance. Greek House Chefs offers all female employees 12 weeks of paid maternity leave. We also offer 4 weeks of paid paternity leave for our fathers to have a chance to bond with their children and put 100% of their focus on their family when it really counts.

Answer: When you sign with Greek House Chefs, you join the GHC family. Greek House Chefs is the leading provider of Fraternity and Sorority foodservice for a reason! We are not just in it to make a quick buck, we are here to create lasting relationships with our houses (our 99% retention rate proves that). We have carefully crafted our Management team from professional chefs who are fraternity and sorority alum. Our Management team knows the value that our service brings to chapter houses firsthand and they work tirelessly to ensure that our chapters receive top-notch service. Good food brings brothers and sisters together around the dinner table and promotes positive relationships within the chapter. Our service is unparalleled in the industry. From our friendly professionally trained chef in your kitchen, to our Creation Stations, Hydration Stations, extravagant salad bars and multiple option entrees. With Greek House Chefs, you are receiving an all-inclusive, over the top service. We don’t offer a silver, gold and platinum service option, it’s just Greek House Chefs five star service at an affordable price.

Answer:  We are not all that different as far as the relationship goes with the house. We want to become a part of your Chapter. But as far as menu planning, sanitation procedures and meal quality, we are the best in the business! Rest assured you will have the cleanest kitchen on campus. Your Chef will be managed by a team of our SERV SAFE Certified professionals, who will ensure that your Chapter has the best food service on campus.

Answer:  Your chef is always covered under our insurance should they hurt themselves on the job. Our comprehensive Workman’s Compensation plan will take care of any injury expenses. Not only do we cover your chef, we also promise uninterrupted service to our Chapters. Even if your chef gets injured or calls in sick,  you will never miss a meal.

Answer: We pride ourselves on finding the best local and professionally trained chefs and major foodies to cook for our Chapters. We use our local resources, recommendations from our current employees, and word-of-mouth connections to find the perfect chefs. After we find the right candidate that fits with your chapter, they must pass a background check performed by One Source and then they are ready to prepare extraordinary meals for your house..

Answer: Our cost depends on the number of meals your chapter wants per week, how many people will be on the meal plan, do you want breakfast, lunch, and dinner, hot breakfast or just a la carte? We will have an in-depth conversation about  your expectations for your food service and factor in all the details into your proposal. We don’t offer silver, gold and platinum pricing tiers because at Greek House Chefs, all of our service is considered platinum! What the other guys consider ‘platinum service’ is our standard service at GHC.

Answer:  You do! Your input from our app helps guide your chef to customize your food service to be exactly what you want it to be.  Your chef will customize weekly menus not only based on requests, but seasonality of produce, and food trends. We don’t provide our chefs with a set menu bank or a mandatory recipe book. They have creative freedom to make exactly what your Chapter wants to eat. We always want to hear what you think, and your chef will continually strive to customize your weekly menus so you aren’t eating the same meals over and over. When you fill out a Craving on our app, that goes directly to the chef so they can put it on your next menu.

Answer:  Tell us! We insist on knowing. Our students are provided an anonymous outlet to rate not only their meal, but their chef with the GHC App. They will rate the meal from 1-5 stars and leave comments about what they didn’t like. This gives our chefs a much better idea of what your particular chapter likes and does not like. Students can also make requests on the app, so the menu is precisely customized to chapter wants. We will always keep your favorite items on the menu, such as tacos, chicken tenders and that special campus sandwich, but we encourage our Chefs to try new, innovative menu items every once in a while (quinoa anybody?). Our Blue Coat Chefs encourage students to see each meal as an opportunity to expand their palates and establish healthy eating habits for life.

Answer: Our chefs are pros at handling allergies. Before we begin service, we will ask for chapter members to identify any allergies or other dietary restrictions in order to prepare the chef and customize the menu to accommodate your chapter’s needs. We want to bring your whole chapter home for dinner, and you shouldn’t be left out just because you can’t have dairy or you don’t eat meat!

Answer: House Directors can be as involved as they’d like to be. At Greek House Chefs, we customize every aspect of our service, not just the menu. Our relationship with our House Directors is of utmost importance. We work with you to establish the needs of the Chapter House and evaluate how involved you’d like to be in your food service. Rest assured, whether you want to wipe your hands of it and let your chefs run the kitchen, or you want to continue to have input, we will customize your meals and your service to find the perfect relationship.

Answer:  Give us a call! You will have your Regional Manager’s personal cellphone number for anything you may need. No secretaries here, you get one of our Managers or Owners on the phone anytime you call, day or night. If you have a less pressing issue or talking on the phone just isn’t your thing, you can send us an email.

If Chapter members have requests and or cravings, they have 24-hour access to our GHC app where they can submit their cravings and requests directly to the chef! There is also a section within the app that allows students to rate each and every meal as well as rate their chef.

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