Greek House Chefs is proud to offer Hydration Stations as a complimentary service to your Chapter. GHC Hydration Stations are a chapter favorite in our houses! We realize that it’s not easy for our students to stay hydrated when they are running from class to meetings and then to the library. That’s why Greek House Chefs introduced Hydration Stations into every chapter. Who needs sugary juice or soda when you have fresh fruit infused water available every morning? Each day, our Chefs prepare their favorite combination of freshly infused waters for their chapter members. Fraternity and sorority members love filling up their water bottles each morning before they head out to class. The combinations are endless!

Top 10

Hydration Stations

  1. Strawberry Lemon
  2. Strawberry Basil
  3. Cucumber Lemon Cilantro
  4. Lemon Raspberry
  5. Lemon Lime
  6. Green Tea Citrus
  7. Citrus Infusion
  8. Lemon Cucumber
  9. Watermelon Mint
  10. Raspberry Lime
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