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Darrin Miller

Chef Darrin is an asset to Greek House Chefs as his instruction and teaching methods are used companywide to create a culture of learning and collaboration with our team. Chef Darrin is Greek House Chefs’ own CCE (Certified Culinary Educator) traveling nationwide and working alongside our chefs. As a CCE, Chef Darrin works with our chefs on a daily basis on menu development, teaching new techniques and skills, and ensuring that all of our chefs provide the five-star Greek House Chefs service to every house. Darrin is a graduate of Johnson and Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island with a focus on Culinary Arts and Foodservice Management. Chef Darrin has over 20 years’ experience as a chef, instructor and student and has a passion for all things fresh, local, and delicious. He loves that food connects people from all cultures and is inspired to transport people to other parts of the world through culinary arts.

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