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Jordan Higgins

Chef Jordan was born and raised in Kansas City, his forever home no matter where he ends up in the future. He remembers growing up wanting to be a firefighter for the longest time. His Grandpa was one for nearly 30 years. As he grew older his love for food began to blossom. Emeril Lagasse was his guy!! Morning, day, or night it didn’t matter, he was hooked! From that point on his mission was to turn this hobby into a career!

At the age of 16, he heard about a High school Culinary program offering head starts to those interested in being a Chef. His Junior and Senior years lead to Culinary competition, which then lead to scholarships, and then Culinary school. He attended Le Cordon Bleu in Orlando Florida. He went on to work in Hotels, restaurants, and resorts before discovering Greek House Chefs in 2014. “ I love this company and everything it stands for! My passion for food continues to grow on a daily basis! I love to learn and I cook new food often.  A Chef I once worked under at the Greenbrier once said to me, “A Chef is only as good as his last dish.” Those words have left a lasting impression on everything I try to do with GHC. I love being a Chef! I love food! Everything about it!”

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Jordan Higgins GHC Eastern Executive Chef