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Lee Wilkins

Chef Lee is a very talented chef who has worked in every aspect of the food and restaurant industry. He loves to cook using quick fire methods and anything that can be made in a sauté pan. Lee has been with Greek House Chefs since its beginning in 2007 and has also had the pleasure of working for Wolfgang Puck and gets his inspiration from Anthony Bourdain. Lee’s favorite thing about cooking and food is that is brings people together and creates a community. Lee has worked in both fraternities and sororities and is now the West Coast Executive Chef at GHC. Lee’s favorite part about Greek House Chefs is the work environment he is given with the ability to be creative, while being trusted and allotted freedom with a proactive support system. Chef Lee loves to travel and is always creating new dishes that are inspired from places he has visited. Next time you are in Chef Lee’s kitchen make sure you try his Bang Bang Shrimp, it is to die for!

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Lee Wilkins GHC Western Executive Chef