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Think you’re ready to be a part of the elite Blue Coat Army? Do you create food with love? Are you able to build relationships with produce partners? Can you create scratch-made feasts that accommodate specific dietary needs? And, most importantly can you inspire busy students to come home for dinner? Well then, you just may be one of us. CLICK TO SEE OUR OPEN POSITIONS TO APPLY

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Executive Chef Position Description

As an Executive Chef for Greek House Chefs, you will be expected to produce healthy, scratch-made food while adaptively interacting with clients on a daily basis. Have a results-orientated approach in creation of menus, maintaining and submitting budgets, while communicating with multiple service vendors.

Executive Chefs will be responsible for facilitating the day-to day operations of an on-site commercial kitchen in a Fraternity or Sorority house. This position will require the individual to collaborate with our clients to create a balanced and creative menu, place product and supply orders through various vendors, source local produce, coordinate events, and design cost effective meals from scratch.

  • Collaborate with client and utilize various resources to make a creative and balanced weekly menu adhering to dietary restrictions (if applicable)
  • Prepare delicious from-scratch meals in a timely manner
  • Interact daily with students/clients providing excellent customer service
  • Maintain product and supply inventory
  • Report financial and other required results electronically to upper management
  • Maintain a weekly established budget
  • Occasional nights and/or weekends
  • SERVSafe certified, or equivalent. Complimentary certification available if necessary.

Benefits go well beyond the blue coat.

What makes Greek House Chefs different from other companies?

Greek House Chefs provides you with ongoing support and training from our management team—plus connections to our 384 Chefs, nationwide. We also provide unmatched benefits to our chefs, including company-provided health insurance that is 50% subsidized for employees—that means we pay 50% of that cost.

We value chefs in a way that no other company can touch. That’s why we also offer an immediate 401(k) package, plus a a dollar-for-dollar match up to 6% after one year of service. We also provide maternity and paternity leave, competitive salaries and paid university holiday breaks.

  • Immediate 401k offering, including a 6% dollar-for-dollar company match after 1 year of service
  • 50% subsidized health insurance for our employees, meaning, we pay 50% of the cost of our comprehensive healthcare plan from United Healthcare for our employees
  • Company provided ServSafe certification for all of our chefs, provided by our Proctored Management Team
  • Company-supported connections to the entire Blue Coat Army, serving as a helpful peer-to-peer resource.
  • Paid maternity and paternity leave
  • Minimal nights and/or weekends
  • Generously competitive salary
  • Dental benefits available
  • On-going management support
  • Paid training
  • Chef coats provided
  • Advancement opportunities available
Greek House Chefs offers generous food budgets that make you, the Chef, shine.

Unlike other similar food service companies, we do not tie your hands with small food budgets that are impossible to meet. We make sure you have plenty of resources and a hearty budget to cook the meals that you and the students prefer. We make sure that your pantries are stocked and the fridges are full of fresh produce and delicious ingredients.

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