special events are

our specialty.

Expecting a few (or a few hundred) at your next special event? The Blue Coat Army is at your service—start to finish. We’ll work with your team and within your budget to make your event truly memorable.

We’ll handle the details.
You have all the fun.

Want your special event to be the talk of the campus? So do we. We know Chapter Houses are busy and the cost of special events can add up fast. That’s why we offer our Chef Services and Event Planning Services free of charge. So, you can put money back in your social or house budget. From menu and invitation creation, to food ordering, prep and plating, the entire Greek House Chefs team has you covered. Let’s get this party started!

Special Event Services:
  • Custom menu and invitation design
  • Chef services
  • Event planning
  • Social media capabilities
  • Donation to philanthropy-focused events
endless Special Events:
  • Tailgate Parties
  • Parents’ Weekend
  • Scholarship Dinners
  • Moms’ Brunch
  • House Director Luncheons
  • Holiday Events
  • Special Visitor Dinner
  • Alumni Cookouts
  • Dads’ Weekend
  • And more