We love

A good party

At our Fraternities and Sororities, we offer our chef’s services free of charge for special events such as Mother’s Brunch, Superbowl parties, Alumni cookouts, you name it!

At Greek House Chefs, we want your special events to be the talk of the campus. We know how busy a Chapter House can get, and we also know how fast the cost of special events can add up for an involved Chapter House.  This is why we offer our Chef Services and Event Planning free of charge. This saves you money to put back into your Chapter House or social budget!

From menu creation to food ordering, we’ve got you covered. Our Chef will order the food and supplies at cost and our Chef’s services are free. Other companies charge the Chapter Houses for events outside of regular food service, but not Greek House Chefs! We insist on becoming a part of your Chapter and we want your special events to be memorable and unique.

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Mom's Day Brunch at University of Arkansas
Deli Bar at Special Event for Greek House Chefs
Crawfish boil event at Phi Gamma Delta Georgia Tech