Connect with your chef—

and your meal.

Have a craving? We got you. The GHC App puts the power of good food in the palm of your hand. It’s more than just a way to check today’s menu. The app connects you with your Blue Coat Chef and makes you part of the culinary process. In fact, students can rate meals, request Late Plates, complete an allergy profile, request a craving and more.

Use your voice to create your menu.

Our talented Blue Coat Chefs love hearing from students about what they like, dislike, and crave. It helps our team create homemade dishes that you want to eat, while expanding your palette with new tastes. We also work with you to develop positive eating habits by encouraging proper portions and providing healthy, flavorful options.

the students love it

Appetite for convenience?

Try the app.

  • Check the latest menu for your house
  • Rate your latest meal
  • Give feedback on your chef’s performance
  • Submit your craving to be included on the menu
  • Request a Late Plate for lunch or dinner
  • Fill out a complete allergy profile
  • Contact Management with questions or concerns