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Bringing students to the table to connect is just the start. With the custom-built GHC App, chapter members can really connect with the food they are being served. The GHC App puts food and reviews, right at students’ fingertips. Students are able to do a whole lot more than just sign up for a Late Plate and view a menu with our custom built app.

Our Fraternity and Sorority members love being able to share their feedback from the meals that they are getting from their fraternity chef. Our Blue Coat Army is able to use the information the students share with us to delight the masses and bring ‘em home to dinner each and every night. Not only can our chefs utilize the feedback they receive after meals, but our elite Blue Coat Chefs also write their menus based off of requests from the house via their Cravings list.

Our students aren’t on the meal plan to receive the same kind of food they could go get in the dining hall, they want scratch made and healthy options that might push the envelope every once in a while. After all, they are in college and what better time to experiment with some dishes or flavors they have never tried before. And if it was a hit, they will let the chef know in the app reviews after the meal.


  • View the menu

  • Rate each meal

  • Leave a rating for the Chef’s performance

  • Submit cravings to the chef to be included on the next menu

  • Request a Late Plate for lunch or dinner

  • Fill out a full allergy profile

  • Contact Management directly should there be an issue or question of service

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Available for download on the App Store or
Google Play.