How it works

Four Easy Steps

1. Let’s discuss your chapter’s needs and budget
Contact us to discuss your specific meal plan needs.  We customize each contract to meet the needs of the house. Everyone of our Chapters has a different level of service, so let’s talk about it. We can come to you, just let us know where and when and we will be there.

2. Let’s make it official
Once we’ve met, we will have an understanding on exactly what your chapter is looking for. We do not use a standard contract, we custom create the terms based on your chapter requirements. Brunch on Sunday? No problem, we’ll include it. Greek House Chefs knows that contracts can be overwhelming so, we make ours simple, upfront and easy to read and understand. Have something you’d like to add to the contract? Let us know and we will include it.

3. Let’s find your Chef
We hire real Chefs that serve really good, made from scratch meals. We know how important it is to feel safe and secure with all of the people in your Chapter House, so Greek House Chefs does the due diligence for you.  We use a company called OneSource to provide background checks on all potential employees.  Once the chef has passed the background check, we take into consideration personality matches, the Chefs talents and list of other criteria to make sure your Chef is the perfect fit for the house. Most of our Chefs have been at their Chapter houses for years, and our clients wouldn’t have it any other way! 

4. Let’s get cookin’
At Greek House Chefs, customization is what we’re all about. Each menu is customized to your house and is different every week. We specialize in “late-plates”, vegetarian, lactose-free, and gluten-free meal preparation. Your Chapter’s feedback is very important and we use your requests and suggestions as a part of our weekly menu planning.

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