Reliable chefs.

really good food.

We believe that good food has the power to bring students together—to eat, share, laugh and make memories that last a lifetime. That’s why Greek House Chefs’ professional Blue Coat Chefs are trained to provide healthy, flavorful meals with fresh ingredients based on your Chapter’s tastes.
Pull up a seat. There’s always room for one more at our table.

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Together, we bring more than 30 years of food service experience to your table.

Meet Our Owners

Hi. We’re Corey and Carey.

Before starting Greek House Chefs, Carey managed acclaimed restaurants in Texas and Iowa, at one point hiring Corey as a chef. (A recipe for love.) Corey began his career as an Executive Chef at restaurants in the Midwest. Up for a new challenge, he became a Sorority Chef at Iowa State University. His cooking style, meal plans and friendliness soon caught the attention of other houses. Now, 12 years later, Greek House Chefs serves 133+ houses spanning 27 states—and we’re still growing.

As a family-owned business, we’re committed to making sure that when you choose Greek House Chefs, you become part of our family. So, when you’re ready to bring your Chapter Members home for dinner, you can count on Greek House Chefs’ healthy portions to inspire heartwarming conversations.

The premier food service provider for sororities and fraternities.

Beyond breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can also expect an impeccably clean kitchen, insurance to cover kitchen accidents, and hands-on management that makes sure everything runs smoothly—of course, that’s just the start.

When your house (or your Blue Coat Chef) needs help, our Blue Coat Army steps up to answer the call. We send out our trained Blue Coat Travelling Chefs to ensure uninterrupted service at the same uncompromising level you’re used to—all from our elite team of experienced chefs.

Chef owned. Chef Trained. Chef operated.

When you choose Greek House Chefs you can count on our Blue Coat Chefs to come through for you and your students every day. Each Chef is highly-vetted, professionally-trained and completely valued by our team with competitive pay and benefits. That’s why we have a 93% retention rate. Less turnover for us means more consistency in your kitchen—and for your students.

We appreciate our partners

We wouldn’t be where we are today without our dedicated partners and vendors who provide us with the best fresh produce, wholesome ingredients and professional insights into the Fraternity and Sorority world. Thank you.

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Find out how fresh food from professional chefs can help your house come together for dinner.

See how our professional Blue Coat Chefs bring their passion for fresh food to every meal.

Students love options. House Directors love reliability. Watch how we bring it all together.