It’s time to welcome students to the table with open arms and fresh greens—to taste new flavors and build life-long friendships. Because it’s more than a meal. It’s a reason to come home.

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When you choose Greek House Chefs you get the elite Blue Coat Army at your service and in your kitchen. Fully-trained, highly-responsive, and completely professional. (And, just as delightful as the meals we make.)


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Vegetarian? Gluten-free? Or maybe you just hate broccoli? No one’s judging. We’re just here to give you tons of homemade options you love every time you come to the table.

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Are you ready to join the elite Blue Coat Army and put your professional culinary skills to work for a company that truly values you, your experience and your family time? We can’t wait to meet you.

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When you’re ready to serve fresh, healthy choices at your house prepared by a professional chef, reach out. We’re ready, too.

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