Bring 'em


It’s time to bring students home for dinner. It’s time to welcome them with open arms and delicious greens. It’s time for them to gather around the table to taste new flavors and build lifelong friendships. Because we know it’s more than just a meal plan. It’s a reason to come home.

By preparing food with fresh herbs and serving healthy portions, Greek House Chefs encourages Chapter Members to see each meal as an opportunity to expand their palates and establish healthy eating habits for life.

Good food, when it’s done right, is more than just good. It inspires people to gather, to laugh, to smile, to share, to connect openly and honestly — nourishing their bodies and their souls. Students join Fraternities and Sororities to be part of a family. Greek House Chefs makes it possible.

Greek House Chefs is the industry leader in custom food service for Fraternities and Sororities across the country. We’ll provide your chapter with made-from-scratch meals, custom menus, complimentary special event services and most importantly, we’ll bring your Chapter home for dinner.

Greek House Chefs