To our valued clients and partners,

Greek House Chefs recognizes the uncharted territory that we are currently in. We would like to keep everyone updated on modifications that have been made to our current service. Rest assured, we are making changes today, but always looking into the future. We are not only meeting, but surpassing the compliance requirements of The CDC, ServSafe, and our local health organizations. The safety and wellness of our clients and staff is at the top of our priority list. 

We’d like to thank our chapters and valued clients for their support and communication throughout this process. At GHC, we know that the chef in your chapter house is a member of the family, and it is so much more than just a job for them. Many of our chefs are heartbroken to not be able to send off their seniors properly with a big senior send-off dinner, a proper goodbye, and share their signature recipe with them on the way out the door. Without dedicated and caring employees, we wouldn’t be the devoted team that we are. We are proud to say that we have supported and retained our staff throughout this process, because we value the relationship built between a house and their chef. While they may not be cooking in your chapter’s kitchen, they certainly aren’t calling it quits either. We are encouraging ongoing training, recipe development, and some friendly chef competitions to keep them going throughout this quarantine period. Together, we are committed to getting everyone back together in the fall, and we understand that the standards of communal living are going to change going forward. Working towards a ‘new normal’ is at the forefront of our efforts right now. We are coming together with our clients, partners, and local health organizations to diligently plan for the changes that will need to be made to our service when we are able to reconvene in our chapters.

Our team has been working tirelessly with many organizations to update and ensure that we are taking any and all preventative measures to ensure the safety of our students and staff. To mitigate potential safety risks, and to remain in compliance with CDC recommendations, we will be enacting immediate modifications to our standard service for the remainder of the year:

1. GHC is working to support social distancing as much as possible and is requesting that no one be permitted in the kitchen areas outside of approved staff and other assigned members, to be determined mutually. 

2. GHC will be limiting face-to-face interactions with clients and postpone sit down meetings with regards to changes in service. These can be discussed anytime via phone or email with:

Heith Sheeley – National Sales Director  [email protected]515-473-2185 


Frank Hines – Director of Operations [email protected]515-306-6390

3. To limit gatherings and potential of cross contamination among students, GHC will immediately cease the standard walk-through café style of food service.

4. GHC will be following the guidance of local national organizations and transitioning to a single serve grab-and-go format to reduce the number of touch-points

5. GHC will instruct our employees to utilize single serve containers in the form of Styrofoam, compostable, or reusable plastic containers when most appropriate and applicable.

6. GHC will be initiating more frequent usage of individual single serve items such as cereals/milks/etc. versus communally used products.

As always, account specific needs and accommodations may vary, and we hope that shows to the level of individualized attention we continue to provide to each of our clients. We believe these adjustments are reasonable as they are being made in consideration for all parties. 

Whether it be running out of cereal or a National Crisis, we are dedicated to those who have shown faith in us as a business, and we hope you continue to look at us as partners through the life of the Chapter. We are ready and eager to do whatever it takes to maintain and grow the positive relationships that we’ve built with our chapters. At Greek House Chefs, we have a YES mentality, and will do whatever it takes to work with your chapter to establish a new normal moving forward into next year and beyond.

We’re here with you,
Corey and Carey Hansen
Owners, Greek House Chefs