Comparing “Apples to Apples”

It can be hard to get two drastically different bids when comparing foodservice companies. Make sure you're comparing Apples to Apples, and not just looking at price.

Apples balancing on a scale

We see it all the time. Competitors submitting very low contract pricing on food service bids.  How bad could it really be? So what if they cut a few corners? Looks good on paper, right?


Unfortunately, this is becoming a standard practice in the industry and it’s not acceptable. It’s not acceptable because these companies underestimate proper food budgets to feed your chapter. They did not build in paid time off for the Chefs (some of these companies don’t even pay their Chefs over the holiday breaks. So your chef has no pay over Christmas ☹) Many times, they don’t properly forecast the hiring market and accurate Chef salaries. So, their pricing looks great… on paper. But wait until it’s time to execute the contract with limited food budgets and under-qualified Chefs who are unhappy.

What happens next? The company comes back to you, the client, and asks for more money during the school year. After your housing contracts have been signed. Now, the increase they are asking for is what Greek House Chefs proposed all along. What a headache!

At Greek House Chefs, we quote you right the first time. We offer generous food budgets to the Chefs to create and execute beautifully prepared, fresh menus that are full of variety and freshness. At Greek House Chefs, we hire really happy Chefs, and we pay them over the academic breaks. We offer a generous compensation package and excellent benefits that chefs deserve.

We get it right THE FIRST TIME.

Give us a call. We’ll help you compare “apples to apples” and point out inconsistencies in food service proposals. It’s smart to shop around, and we think you should. We also think your Fraternity or Sorority should get it right the first time.