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Corey Hansen

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, it’s no wonder Corey Hansen is the mastermind behind Greek House Chefs. My name is Corey Hansen and I am the Founder and Owner of Greek House Chefs.

Corey’s history as a chef came about when he was 15 years old and his home economics teacher told him that he had a gift and should go to Culinary School some day. After graduating High School he was off to become a chef in Boulder Colorado. While in Culinary School, he worked at two five-star restaurants where he trained under talented chefs and gained a wide knowledge about food. After graduating from Culinary School, he worked in high volume cooking and fine dining restaurants all over the country.

The skills that Corey learned throughout his work experience gave him the confidence that someday he could be the entrepreneur that he always knew he wanted to be. Corey soon found himself in Des Moines, Iowa and took a job as a chef at a popular restaurant in town. That is where he met his wife, and now business partner, Carey Hansen.

Corey soon started to realize that the restaurant industry wasn’t allowing him the time that he wanted with his family, so he answered an ad in the newspaper for a private chef position at Gamma Phi Beta at Iowa State University. He took a hard look at the position and asked himself, “Do I really want to take the leap away from the restaurant scene and cook solo at a sorority house?” Corey took a chance and it turned out to be the best decision he’d ever made! He soon noticed that other chapters on campus did not have the standard of service that he was providing to Gamma Phi Beta, and he noticed a higher need for quality food service on Iowa State’s campus. The chapters on campus started talking and from there, Greek House Chefs was born! Corey started at a single house on campus and now Greek House Chefs services 81+ houses across the nation.

Corey Hansen Greek House Chefs Owner
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The Owner

My name is Corey Hansen and I am the Owner and Operator of Greek House Chefs. I am passionate about my business and I take pride knowing that Greek House Chefs offers chefs across the country an opportunity to get out of the grind and reinvigorate their passion for cooking. I strive to lead by example to all of my employees nationwide and I can’t imagine not coming into the office or our kitchens every day and experiencing Greek House Chefs exactly how I dreamt it to be. If you are a chapter in need of better food and personalized service, I look forward to meeting you!

Corey Hansen